Product Design Engineering

With rich background from eminent ODM , we bring our passion for product design and the manufacturing capabilities for your design and help to visualize your goal to satify your customer. We provide services ranging from early stage conceptualization to end stage manufacturing so that you can have you product in the quickest and the most efficient way.


Mechanical Design Engineering

With our team of Mechanical engneers , we provide the pinnacle of mechanical solution from plastic design , sheet metal ,thermal ,and vibration analysis. Our Mechanical team work closely with our supplier and in track with the industrial advancement so that we provide the product that would be manufactured with maximum yield

PCB Design Engineering

Our strongest entity is PCB design , with our caliber and past experience , we can proudly say that we could deliver your PCB deisgn with perfection till 24 layers. Our engineers are professionals with wide knowledge on PCB design , manufacturing so as we deliver PCB which will be fully complaint with the IPC standards and have zero EMC or DFx issues. We entertain or provide support to boards that needs to eb tested on ICT

Mechanical and PCB Fabrication

With our strong Supplier and vendor support both in India as well as in China , we make sure that you design is made the way it was intended to be in the most affordable way. We scrutinize for vendors and use supplier who meets our requirement. Having a strong relationship with our supplier helps us to improve the process of manufacturing for your product to the optimum.

Test Fixtures

Be whether you are in the final stage of your product and lookign for FCT or in inital stage looking for a proper validation method. We at Convora with our team of engineers from differnet expertise help you to deisgn , manufacture and implement your test fixture either for your prototype or End Of Line.

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