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We are technologies oriented design service company, where we work on all electronics products design and development including Hardware Development software development, prototyping & manufacturing according to custom specifications and industry requirements.. Established in 2016, we specialize in embedded systems (hardware, firmware, software, mechanical designs) which utilize embedded processors or microcontrollers.

We are providing dedicated Blended Onsite / Offsite all Engineering services that deliver significant cost savings, efficiency, and around-the-clock up-time to our customers. We have well equipped Engineering center in India. we have exceptional approach, highly skilled technical teams and efficient project execution capabilities have contributed to our reputation as reputed End-to-End service from design to fabrication with a affordable cost, Our moto is to always meet our Customer’s Expectations and Requirements.


EMS is a key factor now in industry to build a product in very good quality having nominal cost in mind, as part of E- manufacturing service we offer complete solutions right from concept design & prototyping all the way up to completely managing your small & large volume production. 

Convora is into design and development we know how and where to manage the manufacturing cost and with minimum number of parts per board, while providing high quality of services and support having support with all our manufacturing partners to make prototype/products at nominal turn around time. We choose appropriate manufacturing partners who fits into right domain with all certifications to produce it near to you to avoid more transaction time/less response time/quality standards meeting your continent/country.

We can handle both big and small projects, be it for big industries or for small businesses & individuals. we are offering quality services to customers from across the world like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, France & India.

Meet The Team



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10+ Years Experience in Business Strategy planning and Product Development Management



Director - Engineering

10 Years experience in Specialization in Manufacturing, Sourcing and Development.



Director - HR

8+ Year Experience in HR Management, mainly in technical recruitment.



Director - Finance

10+ Year Experience in Finance Management

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