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Application: It suitable for storage scenarios requiring large amounts of data input and output as well as industrial and military equipment in high shock and vibration enviroments.

Basic Information:

  • PCIE 3.0(32Gbps Interface),PCIe3.0 x 4
  • Dimention:2.5 inch (100.0mmX70.0mm9.5mm/15mm)
  • Connector:2.5-inch U.2 (SFF-8639)
  • Capacity: MLC:2TB/4TB (9.5mm) MLC:8TB (15mm) 3D TLC: 960GB~8TB
  • Max Sequential Read/Write:1200/1000MB/s
  • R/W IOPS: 2500/1900MB/s -Input Voltage:12V (±8%)

2.5 U.2 NVMe SSD

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